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  • Download files which can assist you with your learners
  • Chat to other people who want to buy a licence
  • Contact ME who have contacts with licence departments
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Get your k53 Learners and Drivers Licence Guaranteed

Hi there, My name is Reinier. I got my Licence Yesterday which was the 12/02/2011.

I  applied monday 31/01/2011. Thats just under 2 weeks, however I only got a temporary drivers licence, I have to wait three weeks for my licence card.

I am 24, and I have tried getting my licence the right way for 6 years before I decided to buy it. I heard stories of inspectors failing you as to force you to pay a driving school, and ultimately bribing the inspector to obtain a valid licence. I never believed these stories. Only recently I decided screw this, I am going to buy my licence. I found out you can't just ask around to buy your licence. You have to follow certain channels. I made friends with a guy names Sam, owner of a driving school. Thankfully he was the right guy, and I succesfully bought my licence after 6 years of trying legally.

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